Operation Care

Funding for the Operation Care program ended in December, 2017

In partnership with the Baltimore City Fire Department, HCAM’s Operation Care works with individuals who routinely make non-medical emergency calls to the 911 system and connects them to more appropriate levels of care. Operation Care’s team conducts home visits, escorts individuals to an array of primary and behavioral health care, helps them enroll in health insurance and other benefits, and serves as advocates for highly vulnerable and socially isolated individuals. The goal of the project is to reduce the costly overuse of the City’s Emergency Medical Services and the 911 emergency-call system.

Please contact Lynell Medley, VP Programs (lmedley@hcamaryland.org) for any information related to the Operation Care program, or other Population Health programs at HCAM.

Funding: Baltimore City Fire Department

For more information, call 410-649-0529.