Information & Referral Line

Baltimore City’s Crisis, Information and Referral Line (C,I&R) is a collaborative effort with Baltimore City Crisis Response (BCRI), Baltimore Child & Adolescent Response System (BCARS), Behavioral Health System Baltimore (BHSB) and HCAM. One number, 410-433-5175, connects Baltimore City residents with crisis services through BCRI and information and treatment referral services through HCAM. Our Mental Health Specialists and Addiction Counselors listen carefully to assess each caller’s specific needs and link them to their optimal level of care. Our staff provides Baltimore City residents with:

  • general information regarding many behavioral health related concerns.
  • screen callers for mental health and substance use disorders
  • call providers and make appointments to directly link individuals to treatment.

Our Behavioral Health treatment coordinators remain up to date on the many treatment options available to Baltimore City residents and will work in partnership with callers to find the appropriate treatment for their individual recovery needs.

Callers may receive services through the C, I&R line whether they are insured, underinsured, or have no insurance at all. Callers seeking behavioral health treatment will be assessed for their insurance status, and if needed, counselors will help callers who do not have health insurance to apply for coverage.

In FY17, we connected 1,160 Baltimore City residents to mental health and substance use treatment appointments.

Seeking Treatment? Call the Behavioral Health Information & Referral Line at 410-433-5175.

For more information on Naloxone and training to receive a Naloxone kit, please see

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