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We invite members of the media to use information from our website in stories. Please cite HealthCare Access Maryland (HCAM) as the source and share our website address, Download a fact sheet about HCAM.

HCAM experts possess the crucial, timely information that will help round out your stories. Please call us if you’re writing about:

  • Maryland’s unique hospital reimbursement—i.e., “all-payer”— system.
  • enrolling Marylanders in affordable health insurance.
  • providing insurance to low-income families and individuals through Medicaid or other plans.
  • challenges patients face navigating the healthcare system.
  • the health and well-being of Maryland’s children in foster care.
  • substance use treatment services and holistic care for the “whole person.”
  • needs of and resources for families experiencing homelessness.

Our staff’s on-the-ground experience can enhance your stories with rich detail, and our executives can provide the analysis and context to make your stories relevant to broad audiences.

Contact: Jordan Sosanya, Marketing Manager
Office: 410-949-2871

About HealthCare Access Maryland

HealthCare Access Maryland is a 501(c)3 nonprofit agency that plays a critical role in strengthening Maryland’s healthcare delivery system. Working with both government and private-sector support, HCAM helps residents enroll in public health care coverage, navigate the complex healthcare system, and connect to educational and other resources that promote the health and wellness of individuals and communities.

Our History

HealthCare Access Maryland was established in 1997 as Baltimore HealthCare Access to initially assist with the Medicaid transition to managed care. After growing steadily, the agency broadened its reach to provide services to people throughout the state. We adopted our current name in 2011.

Standards for Excellence

seal of excellenceHCAM is accredited by the Standards for Excellence Institute, demonstrating our commitment to operating in accordance with the highest operational and ethical standards. HCAM has been accredited since 2006.