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HealthLink: Partnerships to Reduce Utilization of High-Cost Health Care Services

Controlling health care expenditures under the Maryland All-Payer system requires reining in costs, increasing efficiencies, reducing readmissions, and eliminating preventable ED visits. We designed HealthLink to equip healthcare organizations to do just that. Our trailblazing coordinated care model embeds our professionals onsite, ensuring that your patients receive the referrals, linkage to care, and education they need to better manage their health and to use healthcare settings appropriately. Our partners include a range of entities, including hospitals concerned about the rate of readmissions and ED usage, as well as payers with members who chronically over-use high-cost services.

Because our model is informed by nearly two decades of HCAM experience, HealthLink has an excellent reputation for working with vulnerable populations that typically use emergency services for non-emergency issues. HealthLink professionals excel at working with hard-to-reach patients who have multiple chronic conditions—including mental illness and substance use disorders—and face formidable biopsychosocial barriers to accessing primary, specialty, and outpatient care.

For more information, call Traci Kodeck, MPH
CEO | 410-649-0500 ext 3057


Our Partners

HealthLink can help:

  • hospitals and health systems to reduce readmissions and unnecessary emergency room visits;
  • health plans to better serve members receiving excessive levels of care;
  • FQHCs to provide linkage and handle outreach and support for new patients;
  • behavioral health providers to provide better access to services; and
  • government agencies to achieve population health outcomes and control costs.

For more information, call Traci Kodeck, MPH
CEO | 410-649-0500 ext 3057


Our Difference

Our approach recognizes that a range of factors influence a person’s health—everything from age and geography to income and housing status.

Our team provides customized services to meet each client’s needs. We may help them sign up for insurance or navigate through a confusing health care landscape. We find ways to eliminate or mitigate barriers that hurt a person’s ability to live a healthy life, such as by helping someone pay off an overdue energy bill or secure affordable prescriptions. Our seasoned teams of experts cultivate strong local networks to expedite connecting individuals to community resources as well as health, mental health, and substance abuse treatment and support.

For more information, call Traci Kodeck, MPH
CEO | 410-649-0500 ext 3057