HealthLink Community Impact

HealthLink delivers results that reduce costs and hospital readmissions. Hospital utilization data from one of our programs reflect a 14 percent reduction in readmission rates 30 days after case closure from the previous year, and a 13 percent reduction in ED visits for those patients engaged in a program implementing our HealthLink model.

Read about Access Health, our HealthLink model implemented in partnership with Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. AH7

Reducing Readmissions

HCAM began working with a 37-year-old man who had a long history of repeat admissions to the hospital. He had behavioral health challenges and experienced difficulty adhering to his health care regimen. HCAM helped identify his mood disorder and the many other significant challenges he faced, including homelessness and poor social supports.

Our team helped him obtain health insurance and mental health services from a local provider, receive hands-on crisis-support services, obtain housing, and access psychiatric case management.

Thirty days following his discharge, he was adhering to his care plan, participating in his treatment, and taking his medications as directed. In that period, he had not been readmitted to the hospital, nor had he visited the emergency room.

In the first 30 days after discharge, he did not visit the emergency room, nor was he readmitted.

Helping Patients Manage Multiple Chronic Conditions

In one case, a 66-year-old man was readmitted to the ED multiple times for issues including asthma, hypertension, diabetes, mental illness, substance abuse, headaches, and poor memory. HCAM Care Coordinators found that he also faced homelessness, unemployment, and poor social supports.

HCAM found the client temporary shelter and put him on a path to permanent housing. We referred him to outpatient mental health treatment and helped him get support for managing his medications. We also provided him with food vouchers so that he could eat regularly. The result? He obtained permanent housing and psychiatric care. In the first 30 days after discharge, he did not visit the emergency room, nor was he readmitted.

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