Home Visiting

B’More for Healthy Babies Home visiting programs provide in-home health education and social services to pregnant and newly delivered women. Home visiting programs in Baltimore are implemented by community-based organizations and the Baltimore City Health Department.

Home visiting models have been proven to improve birth outcomes, increase intervals between pregnancies, support maternal self-sufficiency, and reduce child abuse.

In Baltimore City, home visiting programs use one or more of the following evidence-based models:

  •  Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) for low-income first-time pregnant women
  • Healthy Start, the federal model of using paraprofessionals to provide case management, including home visiting
  • Healthy Families America (HFA):

• HFA Enhanced, staffed by Nurses and Social Workers, for pregnant women who have had a poor outcome in a previous pregnancy
• HFA Traditional, staffed by highly trained paraprofessionals, for pregnant women with psychosocial risk factors

  • Early Head Start, a home and center-based program for pregnant women and children from birth through age 3
  • HOPE, Helping Ourselves through Peer Empowerment is a bereavement project that provides one-on-one home visiting, group, and case management support to women who have experienced a fetal or infant loss.

If you are a pregnant/postpartum woman interested in home visiting, learn more about the referral criteria by calling the Care Coordination Program at 410-649-0500.