Valbona Kola

Valbona Kola joined HCAM in April 2022 as a Senior Human Resources Generalist. With a distinguished career in Human Resources, she is responsible for human resources activities and plays an important role in working with employees to maintain a stable, engaged, and productive workforce.

Valbona has prior human resources experience in several positions in the non-profit sector and federal contractors, and has been responsible for over 500 employees.

She earned her Bachelor’s degree in History with a minor in Archaeology from the University of Tirana. In addition, she has her Masters in Archaeology. Recently she earned a certificate for Human Resources Management and Analytics from Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania. In the past, Valbona has participated in several prestigious international conferences within and outside the United States that helped her grow professionally and personally.

Fun Fact: Valbona loves to travel, paint, and spend time with her family. She is sociable and enjoys being around people and helping them.

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