Care Coordination

HCAM’s Care Coordination Program (CCP) is an outreach program that provides short-term care coordination services to Baltimore City residents who are covered by Maryland’s Medicaid Managed Care Program, HealthChoice. We educate clients about health benefits, help them resolve issues with their providers, link them to their HealthChoice managed care organization or primary or specialty care providers, and refer them to long-term case management services.

What We Do

Among our services, we

  • assess client needs during home visits and telephone interviews by registered nurses, licensed social workers, community ombudsmen, or care coordination associates.
  • investigate and resolve access-to-care complaints on behalf of Medicaid enrollees.
  • link clients to primary care, prenatal care, newborn care, chronic disease management, specialty care, dental care, and preventive health screenings, such as mammograms, lead screenings, and immunizations.
  • coordinate care for pregnant women and infants in Baltimore City, and make referrals to Baltimore City’s home visiting programs, WIC, the Infants and Toddlers Program.
  • coordinate chronic disease case management through managed care organizations and community resources.
  • connect women and families that experienced a fetal, infant, or child loss to grief and bereavement services.
  • assist with removing barriers to healthcare by linking clients to housing, addiction treatment, domestic violence services, Energy Assistance, and Medical Assistance Transportation.
  • educate clients on access to low-cost/no-cost health care services in Baltimore City.
  • link clients to Maryland Medical Programs.

We serve pregnant and postpartum women and their newborns, Medicaid recipients who are “lost to care,” children and adults with special health care needs and chronic illnesses, and family planning recipients, among others.


Within the Care Coordination Program is the Central Intake and Triage System for B’more for Healthy Babies Initiatives:

  • Helping Ourselves through Peer Empowerment (HOPE), a bereavement project that provides one-on-one, group, and case management support to women who have experienced a loss.
  • The Safe Sleep Project, which provides safe sleep and family planning education, assessment, referral, and provision of a portable crib to qualifying Baltimore City residents.
  • Home Visiting services for Baltimore City prenatal/postpartum women and infants. Linkage to evidence-based models; Nurse Family Partnership, Healthy Families America (HFA), Early Head Start and Baltimore Healthy Start.
  • Maternal and Child care coordination services for high-risk, lost to care pregnant and postpartum women.



  • Click here for answers to frequently asked questions about Medicaid.
  • For problems and complaints about Medicaid access, the enrollment process, and quality of care, call the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Enrollee Action Line: 1-800-284-4510.


Funding: Baltimore City Health Department through grants from the Maryland Department of Health HealthChoice Community Liaison and Care Coordination Division Maternal and Child Health Division | CareFirst | The March of Dimes|Harriet and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation

For more information about CCP, call 410-649-0500.