MATCH Program (Foster Care)

Foster Care: Making All the Children Healthy (MATCH)

The MATCH Program (Making All the Children Healthy) provides coordination of medical assistance (MA) benefits and health care coordination for every child connected with the Baltimore City Department of Social Services (BCDSS) foster care system.

We have a committed team of registered nurses and licensed social workers and healthcare professionals who:

  • coordinate medical exams
  • coordinate dental exams
  • coordinate behavioral health exams
  • enroll children/youth in MD medical assistance insurance program (MA)
  • case-manage children’s complex behavioral and physical health needs
  • support health needs of pregnant and/or parenting youth
  • assist young people in assuming responsibility of managing their own health care when transitioning from foster care into independent adult lives.

Our team of health care professionals are available to support, BCDSS workers, foster families, medical providers, dental providers, and behavioral health providers.

In FY ’19, MATCH worked with 1957 BCDSS children in foster care.

Our impact:

  • 100% of children (excluding those in an inpatient facility) had exams scheduled by MATCH.
  • 100% of children received an assigned Medical Case Manager or Care Coordinator who coordinated and managed their individual health and mental health care.
  • 91% of children new to the foster care system had an initial health appointment at the Baltimore Child Abuse Center within five days of program enrollment
  • 85% of children received well-child exams within the past year.

Funding: Maryland Department of Human Services | Baltimore City Department of Social Services

Are you are a caregiver for a child in foster care or a youth in foster care needing any of these services?

Contact your BCDSS Out of Home Placement worker for more information or contact MATCH at 443-423-5960.