Health Insurance

If you want to apply for or renew your coverage through Maryland Health Connection, please call 410-500-4710 to schedule an appointment with a navigator.

Medicaid: An insurance program that provides free or low-cost health coverage for eligible low-income children up to age 21 and adults, as well as pregnant women who qualify.

  • If you need to renew or cancel your Medicaid coverage, we recommend that you contact your local health department and work with a Medical Assistance (MA) Caseworker. MA Caseworkers are state employees who are Medicaid experts. 
  • Baltimore City residents enrolled in Medicaid can call HCAM’s Eligibility Department at (410) 649-0521 to get connected with a MA Caseworker. 
  • If you need assistance selecting or changing your Managed Care Organization (MCO), have questions about your Medicaid benefits, or require a replacement card, please call the Maryland Health Connection at 1-855-642-8572.

Qualified Health Plan: A private health insurance plan certified to participate in the Maryland Health Connection.


  • If you need to renew or cancel your Qualified Health Plan, you have options:

  • If members of your household are enrolled in both a private health plan and Medicaid, please make an appointment with a navigator by calling 410-500-4710.

General Questions: To get help with general questions or help with your account, try using Maryland Health Connection’s virtual assistant, Flora, or live chat with an agent. 


  • If you are a certified application counselor and need assistance, please call the Maryland Health Connection CAC Hotline at 1-844-649-5848. 
  • If you are an authorized insurance broker (producer) and need assistance, please call the Broker Support Hotline at 1-844-224-6761

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