Health Insurance

Here’s something we can all agree on: Navigating the health insurance marketplace can be frustrating.

Maryland families know this all too well. Just take Maria, who recently lost her employer-sponsored benefits and needs new coverage for herself and her family. Or Marcus, who’s just moved to the state and wants to enroll in public health benefits. Or Heather, who’s expecting her first child and wants to make sure their healthcare needs will be met.

HealthCare Access Maryland is here to help.

Our Eligibility and Connector departments exist to provide clarity and guidance for people like Maria, Marcus, and Heather. Our experts can deliver peace of mind to individuals and families, eliminating the anxiety associated with health insurance enrollment or renewal.

We’ll help you find the health insurance options that meet all your family’s needs.

Our mission is to make sure that Maria, Marcus, Heather, and families throughout Maryland know about the free or low-cost health insurance options made available through Maryland Health Connection. Specifically, we’re here to help you access medical, dental, and vision insurance, including insurance for pregnant women and for children.

Health insurance shouldn’t be confusing.

At HCAM, we can answer all your questions about Medicaid, and provide the quickest pathway to full coverage. For individuals or families who don’t qualify, we can also provide information about private health insurance options, including those available through the Affordable Care Act.

We’re here when you’re ready for your healthcare connection.

Call us at 410-500-4710 to get started or read our frequently asked questions!

Notice: Covid-19 Closures

HCAM’s physical sites will be closed to all consumers and staff until further notice, and many staff members will be working remotely. We will reevaluate further closures in alignment with state and local government decisions.

HCAM navigators, including those normally stationed at health departments, DSS offices, and other locations are working remotely. You can reach a navigator, who can assist you in applying for or renewing your health insurance through Maryland Health Connection, by calling 410-500-4710.

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