Foster Care

Access to healthcare is important for ALL children.

Baltimore City’s foster care system provides shelter and support for some of the most vulnerable, at-risk children and youth in our community. The MATCH program ensures these youth, ages newborn to 21, have their healthcare needs met.

MATCH provides services to ensure that no child goes without medical care.

We make certain that all children connected with the Baltimore City foster care system have active Medical Assistance (MA) insurance. We provide children and their families with up-to-date insurance cards and offer information about the providers they can access. We also provide support with:

  • Annual medical appointments
  • Twice a year dental exams
  • Behavioral health/therapy referrals
  • Substance abuse referrals
  • Pregnant/parenting teen support
    • Connection to Home Visiting Programs
    • Connection to an OB/GYN
  • Scheduling specialty medical appointments
  • Referral assistance for specialty providers
  • Health education and coordination for discharge planning from the hospital or other inpatient facilities
  • Assistance with immunization and/or medical forms needed for school/camps

In addition, we will help to resolve any issues that prevent children in foster care from receiving the medical or behavioral health treatment, they require.

We’re here to provide healthcare guidance to everyone connected with Baltimore City’s foster care system.

That includes children and youth; foster parents and caregivers; biological parents; and even medical, dental, and behavioral health providers.

Contact MATCH at 443-423-5960 to learn more about the medical resources available for children/youth in the Baltimore City foster care system.

We’re here to offer peace of mind to children, parents, and caregivers alike.