Our Culture


We are making Maryland healthier by connecting residents to insurance and care, educating the community about healthier living, and advocating a more equitable health care system.


We envision Maryland as a place where all people have equal access to health care and where there are no disparities in health outcomes based on income or race. HealthCare Access Maryland will be a state and national leader in reforming the health care system.

Core Values

In all that we do, we believe in:

Excellence in Helping Others:
At our core, we are driven to serve and help people in need.
Superior Quality & Service: We go above and beyond to deliver our best. We respect each client as we respond to their individual needs.
Outstanding Collaboration: Teamwork strengthens our foundation and allows us to produce superior results.
Unwavering Commitment: We stay focused on our mission by delivering exceptional service.
Unified Diversity: We embrace and leverage our differences to inclusively care for each other and ourselves so that we can positively impact our community.

Commitment to Health Equity

HealthCare Access Maryland (HCAM) has been addressing Health Equity issues for more than 20 years as we advocate for access to comprehensive, affordable health care coverage for Marylanders. We are committed to removing systemic barriers to improve health disparities, specifically for communities disproportionately impacted by infant mortality, chronic health conditions, and, most recently, COVID-19.

As part of our mission and programmatic focus, our community health workers address social determinants of health that may be impeding health outcomes, such as healthy food access, mental health services, and transportation. Of the clients we serve across the state, HCAM team members assess for social determinants of health needs and connect them to a multi-faceted network of support to address those needs. HCAM recognizes that screening for and addressing social determinants of health is critical to providing the most equitable care and service to our clients. This approach to service provision is embedded in all of our outreach programs, ensuring that each client receives individualized, comprehensive services that are tailored to their unique needs to best support their overall health and well-being.