Health Care

It shouldn’t be hard to find the health care you need.

What kind of medical treatment are you looking for? A trusted local dentist? A general practitioner? Someone you can speak with about issues pertaining to mental illness or substance abuse? No matter the level of care you need, we think it should be simple and straightforward to find a provider you can afford. HealthCare Access Maryland is here to help.

Everyone should have a doctor they can call on as needed—whether that’s for a sick visit or a well check-up.

That’s something we can help with. Take our friend Anne. Anne didn’t know where to turn for a qualified provider whose services she could afford. So we hooked her up with Maryland Medical Assistance, a program that immediately assigned her a primary care doctor of her very own.

We’re here to facilitate connections, making the doctor-patient relationship as smooth as possible.

Maybe you’re someone like Anne, in need of a primary care doctor. Or maybe you’re like our friend Pete, who wasn’t satisfied with his previous doctor and asked us to find him a new one. We can connect or reconnect you with a qualified local physician, making the process as streamlined as can be.

At HealthCare Access Maryland, we’ll handle the details.

We’ll send you information about your new provider. We’ll set you up with the insurance cards you need. We’ll even get you scheduled for an appointment. Our top priority is making sure you can see a doctor when you need one, without all the red tape getting in the way.

And what if you’re uninsured or underinsured?

HealthCare Access Maryland can also accommodate you with low or sliding-scale payment options, no matter your current insurance status. Connect with us directly to learn more: Care Coordination 410-649-0500, option 2.

Sooner or later, everyone needs to see the dentist.

There’s no reason why you or your children should let your oral hygiene be neglected, or dental problems pile up. HealthCare Access Maryland can help you connect with the care you need.

We can provide quality dental care that you can actually afford.

Moms like Sonja want to make sure their kids can see the dentist whenever they need to. We can help, providing a pathway to the Maryland Healthy Smiles program which provides coverage for kids through age 21 (26 for foster care recipients). And it’s not just kids. Pregnant women qualify for the program, too!

We’ll make it easy for you to get in to see the dentist.

Not only did we make sure Sonja has a Health Smiles dental insurance card for each of her children, but we also provided her with information about the providers she was taking them to see. And we scheduled her appointment for her.

HealthCare Access Maryland has multiple ways of offering quality dental care.

Are you an adult with Md Medicaid/HealthChoice in need of Dental Care? Each Managed Care Organization that participates with HealthChoice offers limited adult dental services. Contact us if you have any questions: Care Coordination 410-649-0500, option 2.

Recovery from a substance use disorder takes time.

The road to rehabilitation requires patience, hard work, and guidance from trained addiction recovery specialists. And here at HealthCare Access Maryland, we can help you find the clinicians you need to start your life anew.

Seeking help is the first step in the process.

When we hear from people like Billy, who approached us for help finding an addiction recovery program, it fills us with hope; we know that admitting to the problem is a challenging step forward. But actually finding a qualified mental health or substance use professional can be tricky, too. That’s where we come in.

We can provide access to the care you need, in partnership with the State Care Coordination Program.

Working closely with the local Department of Health, we helped Billy get into a drugs and alcohol program that was tailored to his needs and provided him the tools he needed for long-lasting recovery. The resources we provide are typically available for free.

We’ll help you overcome any roadblocks that are standing between you and your new, addiction-free life.

This involves working with you to make sure you engage in the next level of care and have access to health care and the other supportive services you will need.

Get the community resources you need.

We hear from folks like Billy all the time and are always able to provide them with access to recovery support groups, 12 Step programs, legal assistance, mental health treatment, insurance, and other social support services. If you or a loved one is battling addiction, call the Here2Help Hotline to learn about finding help: 410-433-5175.

Maintaining mental health and wellbeing is so important. And it can be so hard.

Conditions such as anxiety and depression can have a hazardous effect on your relationships, your professional life, and your sense of self. And yet, for far too long, mental healthcare services have been alarmingly inaccessible to the people who need them most. We’re trying to change that.

HealthCare Access Maryland provides pathways to the mental health treatments you need.

It’s been our pleasure to work with people like Stuart, whose battle with depression proved almost debilitating—until he was able to get the counseling and pharmaceutical interventions he needed. Or Alice, who felt isolated and alone and just needed someone to talk to.

There are a number of support services available; we’ll show you how to access them.

At HealthCare Access Maryland, we have connected individuals like Stuart and Alice with the mental health treatments they needed to find peace and healing. These include resources such as mental health counseling, substance use treatment, medication management, and more.

We’re here to make sure you get the help you need.

HealthCare Access Maryland can assist you in finding affordable and confidential care. This includes the Here2Help Hotline, which you can call 24/7: 410-433-5175. Behavioral Health Treatment Coordinators are well trained and prepared to provide referrals regarding your behavioral health needs. And, we provide general information related to housing, shelter, food pantry, DWI/ DUI, and legal resources.