Going Further to Provide Continued Care

A 27-year old pregnant woman sought out HCAM Eligibility services to obtain health coverage to access prenatal care. After accessing prenatal care, she was referred to me in our Care Coordination program via the Maryland Prenatal Risk Assessment form completed by the OB/Gyn.

I provided her with education and linkage to additional covered Medicaid benefits such as dental services. Her pregnancy was unintended, and with a history of anxiety, depression and sexually transmitted infections: this client had few resources. I provided her with education and linkage to additional Medical Assistance benefits. With my help, she also agreed to participate in home visiting for parenting support where she was told about the Safe Sleep program for infant safety and was given a portable crib.

Her baby was delivered early at 37 weeks. While the baby was in the NICU due to respiratory distress, the delivery hospital reached out to Care Coordination for outreach for this high-risk newborn.

Again, HCAM Eligibility stepped in to ensure this newborn had active Medicaid Assistance benefits. Through this connection, our Care Coordination program successfully outreached the postpartum mother to ensure that her family was linked to pediatric care, WIC for nutritional support and thorough postpartum support. We were successful in connecting her with mental health services utilizing our internal Crisis Information and Referral Line.

Stephanie Alston, LBSW Social Work Care Coordinator/MCH Team Leader collaborated with Eligibility Specialist Urah Blackwell on this case

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