HealthCare Access Maryland’s Eligibility Department: Assisting Consumers As They Apply for Medicaid Health Coverage

HealthCare Access Maryland’s (HCAM) Eligibility department is one of HCAM’s legacy programs, which has been in existence since HCAM’s inception in 1997. The Eligibility Department serves as the Medicaid Unit for the Baltimore City Health Department to assist consumers with applying for Medicaid health coverage. The overall goal of the department is to assist consumers with navigating health insurance enrollment, the annual renewal process, and selecting a Managed Care Organization.

One unique aspect of the Eligibility program is that in 2018 a Parole and Probation Eligibility program was established, bolstering HCAM’s efforts to reach vulnerable community members. The Parole and Probation program has five sites across Baltimore City to assist consumers with health insurance enrollment. Markia, one of HCAM’s Medicaid Representative III in the Eligibility department, works closely to provide Medicaid enrollment assistance and specializes in outreach Medicaid through various Parole and Probation sites for individuals that are released from Department of Public Safety and Correction. Most recently, Markia worked with a client, Robert*, who had just been released from prison after 17 years. Robert’s parole officer let him know that he would need health insurance to be able to access other programs and resources that would support his reentry in the community. Robert then reached out to HCAM and Markia was able to assist him with his enrollment into Medicaid. “Markia helped me enroll in insurance which allowed me to get my medicine quickly. I really appreciated her assistance,” stated Robert.

Over the past fiscal year (July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021), HCAM’s Eligibility department has assisted consumers with Medicaid enrollment from a virtual setting, continuing to carry out HCAM’s mission of making Maryland healthier. Below is a snapshot of some of the team’s most notable achievements: 

  • Received 411 referrals from Department of Public Safety and Corrections to assist with Medicaid enrollment 
  • Added 2,251 newborn babies to the Maryland Health Connection to ensure they receive insurance coverage 
  • Enrolled 1,031 pregnant women into Maryland Medicaid  
  • Processed over 10,000 verification requests through the Maryland Health Connection to ensure that all information required for determination is collected 

Want to learn more about HCAM’s Eligibility program and the role of a Medicaid Representative? Tune in to our Instagram stories tomorrow, Thursday, July 15th, to get a look into one of our Eligibility department team members’ day and how they support the health goals of our clients. You can follow our Instagram account here: @hcamaryland.

To connect with the Eligibility department and to see if you qualify for Medicaid, please call 410-649-0512.

*The client’s name has been changed to protect his identity. 

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