Elsie Goodwin

Elsie, with over 13 years of experience at the agency, embarked on her nonprofit journey in 2002 with the original Baltimore HealthCare Access era. After a successful eight-year career as a Defense Contractor for elite companies like Raytheon and Booz Allen, she rejoined BHCA in 2016 as Operations Manager, driven by a passion for community outreach. Rising through the ranks, Elsie’s servant leadership style and dedication led to promotions as Director of Operations (2017), Vice President of Operations (2020), and Vice President of Operations and Information Technology (2021). As the current Chief Operating Officer (2024), she oversees day-to-day operations, managing a dynamic workforce supporting health and human services programs in Maryland.

Armed with a business administration degree and diverse professional experience, Elsie brings a unique blend of academic and practical expertise to her role. Her strategic contributions align with HealthCare Access Maryland’s mission to enhance Maryland’s health by connecting residents to care and insurance, promoting healthier living, and advocating for an equitable healthcare system. Beyond her professional achievements, Elsie, born on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, is a proud mother and enjoys cooking, crime mystery TV, and quality time with family and friends.

Fun Fact: Elsie’s dream job would be traveling the world as a food critic.

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