Going Further to Reach Women Facing Pregnancy & Postpartum Distress

I met M.D. at the Park West Medical Center while she was pregnant with her 3rd biological child. M.D. overcame several difficult moments during her pregnancy, as she and her children were displaced when the electricity was turned off in her home after she had to terminate her employment. During this time, M.D. maintained an upbeat and positive attitude, and was able to seek out assistance and follow up with my recommendations.

Once the power was restored, M.D. and her family moved back into the family home but were quickly faced with the threat of eviction because the rent was nearly three months behind. M.D. was barely able to make regular payments because she was no longer working. Yet again, she persevered and accepted my recommendations and resources. HCAM provides items needed for her home including home appliances, and she was able to get financial assistance to pay off the rent balance. M.D is now working full-time as an IEP aide subcontracted by Baltimore City Public Schools.

Niger Alibi, Recovery Care Services

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