Going Further to Provide Quality Service

Kristi S. and her husband were self-employed and had purchased insurance in the private market before the Affordable Care Act. Her family’s rates rose dramatically over the years and they had to forgo insurance for a period of time.

When the exchange started in 2013, Kristi went on the website to enroll, but the family’s self-employment income made the process cumbersome. With the help of Pat Gussio, Navigator, in Howard County, Kristi was delighted to learn that her family was eligible for a subsidy to make their insurance affordable. Shortly after, Kristi was able to once again have comprehensive coverage for her family. When the S’s re-enrolled for 2018, the Healthy Howard staff had become HCAM employees, but the transition was so seamless that Kristi wasn’t even aware of the change!

“I was just happy to see Pat’s familiar face – she walked me through every step of the process and helped me choose the best plan for my family. There is just no substitute for the in-person assistance that she provides.”

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