HCAM to Be a Part of MedStar Hospitals’ Community Health Needs Assessment Advisory Task Force

It is with great excitement that we share the news that Ellen Rappaport, Director of Complex Care & Social Needs at HealthCare Access Maryland (HCAM), has been invited to participate  on the Community Health Needs Assessment Advisory Task Force for MedStar Hospitals, where she will have a direct focus on Franklin Square Hospital.

The Advisory Task Force, composed of hospital leaders, board members, public health experts, and community advocates, has two main goals: to help increase the number of community responses for the survey and help formulate MedStar Health’s three-year strategic plan. The task force will meet at least three times throughout the process to analyze data and strategically brainstorm ways to address community health needs.

HCAM is excited to support MedStar Hospitals in this effort through our programs in Baltimore City and Baltimore County. Several HCAM programs are touching clients daily that reside in identified zip codes for the needs assessment. Our community health workers and care coordinators provide daily outreach to clients and are well positioned, given the scope and nature of our work, to encourage community participation in the needs assessment.

“HCAM is uniquely positioned to assist MedStar Health with touching more of the community because our footprint is so wide. Our hope is to gain more clarity on hospital systems, community partners and share HCAM’s overall programmatic footprint to support with the Advisory Task Force. HCAM is honored to be a part of this task force and we look forward to working with MedStar Health to strengthen our community engagement,” says Ellen Rappaport.

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