Partner Spotlight: Giving Back and Getting Active with Givhero

In July 2020, HealthCare Access Maryland (HCAM) adopted a new program centered around health and wellness for its staff members. Givhero is an employee benefit that is focused on wellness, aims to boost both morale and organizational culture, and increase employee productivity. Givhero allows staff members to participate in friendly competitions against each other in individual and team-based health and wellness challenges.  

Over the past year, HCAM has completed four Givhero challenges, ranging from active minute challenges to total step challenges, with a total of 119 HCAM staff members participating. Our organization has found that having this opportunity for staff members to participate in health and wellness challenges has allowed for them to take time to practice self-care, work on their individual health goals, and bond as a group. 

Luis B., a Certified Navigator with HCAM’s Connector program, shares some insight on Givhero and why he participates:

“I always enjoy the HCAM Givhero challenges. I like that HCAM provides us with these types of challenges because it helps me physically and mentally to stay active. I appreciate HCAM showing that they care about their employees. The best part is that as a competitor, it keeps me motivated for myself and for my team to stay at the number one spot. I can’t wait for the next Givhero challenge and to see my name or my team’s name on top again!” 

One unique aspect about Givhero is their emphasis on supporting nonprofits. With Givhero, individuals have a new and active way to raise money to support an organization of their choice. The best part? There’s more than just one way to support HCAM through Givhero.  

  • Sponsor: Sign on to be HCAM’s Givhero sponsor. A sponsorship of $2,500 provides HCAM employees with access to the Givhero platform for a year, and offers unique recognition and marketing benefits to our sponsor. 
  • Participate: Your company can utilize Givhero for your staff members – and give back to HCAM in two ways. App users invite friends and family to sponsor them. Sponsors make pledges. They donate to HCAM when a user achieves his or her goal. In addition, let Givhero know you heard about their platform through HCAM and we’ll receive a donation when you sign-up. 
  • Donate: Users can make their own pledges and donations too – which ultimately gets donated back to HCAM once a goal is achieved. 

Interested in being a hero for HCAM? Contact Director of Development & Major Giving, Caitlin Mulrine, to learn more about how you or your company can get started! 

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