HCAM Announces New Leadership to Its MATCH Program

Launched in 2008, HealthCare Access Maryland’s (HCAM) Making All The Children Healthy (MATCH) program provides health care coordination to children in the Baltimore City foster care system. The MATCH program has a total of 60 staff members dedicated to the coordination of medical assistance (MA) benefits and health care coordination for every child connected with the Baltimore City Department of Social Services (BCDSS) foster care system. HCAM’s MATCH team is made up of registered nurses, licensed social workers, and healthcare professionals who coordinate medical exams, dental exams, and behavioral health exams for children in foster care, among countless other tasks. Last fiscal year, the MATCH Program provided case management to approximately 1650 children in Baltimore City Foster Care. 

This past October, long-time HCAM staff member, Janelle Olaibi, MSW, LSCWC, was appointed to serve as Director of the MATCH Program. Janelle, who joined HCAM in 2014 as the Care Coordination Program Social Work Program Manager, is a Social Worker by profession, and has worked in the Clinical Social Work field in Baltimore City for 20 years. Her areas of expertise include child welfare, medical social work, and maternal and child health. Over the course of Janelle’s eight+ year career at HCAM, she has received many accolades and several promotions, ultimately preparing her for her role as Director of HCAM’s MATCH program. One of Janelle’s proudest moments while at HCAM has been representing HCAM on the Baltimore City Child Fatality and Maternal Mortality Review Boards. 

Janelle’s role as Director of the MATCH program consists of providing leadership and guidance to a team of health care coordinators who ensure that every child in out of home through the Baltimore City Department of Social Services has their overall health care needs addressed timely and comprehensively.  

I am excited to join a team of dynamic healthcare professionals who are committed to supporting the needs of our children in out of home care,” Janelle shares. As a Social Worker, Janelle’s professional goals are strongly connected to advocacy and the removal of barriers for vulnerable populations to access all systems. HCAM stands as a strong community leader in alignment with her professional goals and those are exemplified in the HCAM’s mission statement of making Maryland healthier. 

Janelle’s work ethic and dedication to making Maryland healthier is unmatched. She is knowledgeable about all aspects of care coordination and is deeply invested in the staff she oversees. HCAM looks forward to seeing the amazing work Janelle does in support of Baltimore City’s children in foster care and knows she will flourish in her new role. 

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