Employee Spotlight: Gervene Ratliff, Medicaid Representative II, Eligibility

Ms. Gervene Ratliff joined the HealthCare Access Maryland (HCAM) team in October 2012. Over the past ten years, Gervene has worked in HCAM’s Behavioral Health Outreach Program (former HCAM program that has since been sunset) and HCAM’s Eligibility Department. HCAM’s Eligibility Department serves as the Medicaid Unit for the Baltimore City Health Department to assist consumers with applying for Medicaid health coverage.

In Gervene’s current role as a Medicaid Representative II, she is able to use her 22+ years of administrative assistance experience as many of her job duties and tasks are rooted in this field. In her position she engages in administrative tasks, performs data entry, communicates with consumers, processes insurance referrals for HCAM’s Connector program, as well as takes on duties and tasks as needed in her department. While at HCAM, Gervene has held three positions and received a promotion while working in HCAM’s Eligibility Department in 2021 when she was promoted from Medicaid Representative I to Medicaid Representative II.  

Gervene shares one of the highlights of her career at HCAM has been working with people who are willing to come together to assist each other, which contributes to a more engaging and inviting workplace. While at HCAM, Gervene has learned how to truly serve people, so they feel valued, seen, and heard.

“HCAM takes the time to provide the type of assistance that shows people we care about them. Residents and representatives from different companies, organizations, community centers, and programs reach out to HCAM regularly because of our customer service and how we provide assistance in a caring way. We make connections and partnership throughout Maryland so we can provide wrap-around services so residents can get the full scope of assistance they may need.” 

We asked Gervene what she enjoys most about working at HCAM and she shared that HCAM ensures her wellbeing is at its best simply by providing events, workshops, trainings, and Speaker Series sessions that help her learn balance so that she can have a better quality of life. “HCAM stands out because they show us we matter through HCAM’s mentoring program, employee spotlights, Fringe perks and health and wellness challenges, staff appreciation week, employee core service awards, HCAM’s employee newsletter, and department outings and events.” 

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